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Tuesday a.m.

8:20-8:30 — Gathering Period: play Rope Toss.

8:30-9:00 — DiscussionBesides sequential programming, where each building block is put into action, what else can we do to plan a program that rocks?  Elicit ideas and opinions and write them on the board. Distribute copies of comprehensive-programming.pdf, and have attendees take turns reading sections aloud. Open floor to discussion. Tomorrow morning, please be ready to share an example of comprehensive programming that you’ve either dreamed up or experienced.

9:00-9:05 — Explain and Demonstrate: View Using a Camp Saw (2A)

9:05-9:30 — Activity: Bow Saw Relay (2B) Crew members should gather around the individual handling the saw to coach and support them.

Wood Splitting Relay (with guidance from fellow crew member)

Wood Splitting Relay (with guidance from fellow crew member)

9:35-9:40 — Explain and Demonstrate: Contact Method (2C) / Using a Knife to Prepare Tinder (2E)  View Using a Hand Ax and Knife.

9:45-10:15 — Activity: Wood Splitting Relay. (2D)

10:15-10:30 — Activity: Fuzz Stick Relay. (2F)

10:40-10:45 — Explain and Demonstrate: Are you starting to figure out what this is all about? Before this afternoon’s Main Event, you’ll be provided an eye-opening perspective, but now we have another group instruction video and then the most dynamic activity we’ve done so far. View Lighting and Feeding a Fire. (2G)

10:50-11:20 — Activity: Water Boiling Race (2H) In addition to other tinder and kindling you’ll supply, have the crews use the split pieces and fuzz sticks they made during the relays.

Tuesday p.m.

1:20-1:30 — Discussion: How does all this video and activity stuff we’re doing fit into a meeting?  Open floor to discussion.

1:30-2:00 — Illustration: Go online and project the agenda section of Troop Leader Resources and provide an online tour highlighting the group instruction and games sections.

2:00-2:45 — Main EventSupreme String Burning Race

Everyone on the Tripod Challenge

Everyone on the Tripod Challenge

2:50-3:00 — Explain and Demonstrate: Distribute a Scout stave to each attendee, and a 6-foot lashing rope to every two attendees. View How to Tie a Mark II Square Lashing. (3A) (4E)

3:00-3:10 — Guide and Enable: Attendees pair up and take turns tying Mark II Square Lashings. Provide guidance as needed.

3:10-3:30 — ActivityLadder Building (3B)

3:30-3:35 — Explain and Demonstrate: View How to Tie a Tripod Lashing with Plain Turns (3C)

3:35-3:45 — Guide and Enable: Attendees pair up and tie tripod lashings using three Scout staves and a 10-foot lashing rope. Provide guidance as needed.

3:45-4:20 — Activity: First, view Everyone on the Tripod Demonstration, then crews compete in Everyone on the Tripod. (3D) Note: Have crews lash on the 6-foot cross brace, between the two outer legs, so that the center of the length is 3-feet from the ground. —>Set aside two of the most tight assembled tripods for tomorrow.

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