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Wednesday a.m.

8:20-8:30 — Gathering Period: play Hula Hoop Horseshoes.


Lift Seat Procession

8:30-8:40— Explain and Demonstrate: View Chippewa Kitchen and then view How to Tie a Double Floor Lashing (3E).

8:40-8:45 — Activity: Using a 15-foot lashing rope, two 6-foot spars and four 4-foot floor spars, crew members take turns tying the floor lashing  Provide guidance as needed.

8:45-9:00 — Activity: Lift Seat Procession (3F)

9:00-9:30 — Activity: Refer to Double Tripod Chippewa Kitchen. Position the two tripods (assembled yesterday) so the cross braces that were lashed 3 feet above the ground are 6 feet apart. Four attendees then tightly lash on the two, 8-foot platform support spars to the inside of the cross braces. Then lay some 4-foot floor spars over the platform supports and lash on the cooking platform with two floor lashings, using binder twine. When assembled, carry the Chippewa Kitchen to the cooking area. (Add the mineral soil after the kitchen is positioned in the cooking area.)

Chippewa Kitchen

Chippewa Kitchen

9:35-10:00 — Activity: Using charcoal chimneys, attendees light the charcoal, and referring to the recipe, prepare the food for cooking. When the food is all prepared and the charcoal is ready, they place the food on the kitchen to cook.

10:00-10:45 — Discussion and Activity: While the food cooks, attendees share an example of comprehensive programming they’ve either dreamed up or experienced. Play Time Bomb, Buzz, Bing, Bang, Wall Street. (Periodically, attendees monitor food.)

10:45-11:00 — Activity: Serve and eat.

11:00-11:20 — Activity: Breakdown Kitchen, load materials in conveyance, or carry it back to construction area.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

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