Camp Gadgets

Using a One-Armed Fire Crane to Boil Water

“My ideal camp is where everyone is cheery and busy, where the patrols are kept intact under all circumstances, and where every patrol leader and Scout takes a genuine pride in his camp and his gadgets.” — Lord Baden-Powell

From Scout Pioneering: “It should be the same today! It really should! Today’s Scouts cheerfully pulling together towards the common goal to make and keep their camp comfortable and organized, everyone doing their part and helping one another—that’s sheer poetry! The fun the Scouts have is inherent in putting into action the timeless Scout skills they’ve acquired to create a site that is amazing. Their camp is their very own, personalized outdoor home away from home. They are remarkably proud of what they’ve accomplished as reflected by their useful and ingenious camp gadgets, and exemplified by their shining ability to function as a well-run Scout patrol.”

The central site of the Frontier Days island is a well-functioning arena of useful camp gadgets. It’s where we hold our meetings, classes, and planning sessions, and more importantly, it’s our kitchen and cooking area!Link to: Large Image Enjoying Eggs Francois at the Large Camp Table and Baking a Dump Cake on the Chippewa Kitchen: Link to: Large Images Using the Hand Wash Station / Drying Shirts, Socks and Towels at the Clothes Drying Rack / Washing Dishes at the Dish Washing Rack: Link to: Larger Images Using the Trash Bag Holder / Putting up a Mallet in the Tool Rack / Double Fire Bucket Holder by the Keyhole Fire Place: Link to: Larger Images Scout Pioneering – Favorite Camp Gadgets 

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